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In Your Box This Week!

  1. NEW! Tomatoes
  2. NEW! Eggplant
  3. NEW! Carrots
  4. NEW! Green Beans
  5. NEW! Cabbage – Alcosa savoy variety
  6. NEW! Oregano  –  Fresh oregano is milder than dried.  Drying condenses the flavor.  We recommend that you simply hang this bundle of oregano to dry, and once it is dried put it in a paper bag to crumble off the leaves.  Pour the dried leaves into a jar to use throughout the winter.  Oregano is super high in nutrition and is a critical part of “Italian Seasoning.”  Put it in spaghetti sauce, soup, hotdish, etc.
  7. NEW! Oxalis  –  this looks like clover with little yellow flowers.  Taste it, it creates a lovely flavor explosion in your mouth!  It would be delicious sprinkled into your salad.  It’s a nice treat once in a while, but because of the oxalic acid in it those who are prone to kidney stones should probably just avoid it.
  8. Hakurei Turnips
  9. Broccoli
  10. Fennel Bulbs  –   We know there has been a lot of fennel last week and this week.  The whole patch has started to bolt (send up its flower stalk) because of the extremely hot weather.  So enjoy it while it’s here, there will probably be only one more week of it left.
  11. Rainbow Chard
  12. Kale — Dino, Red Russian, and/or Curly varieties
  13. Onions
  14. Zucchini and Summer Squash
  15. Sweet Peppers  –  some of the green peppers are just starting to turn red, but we had to pick them before they fully turned red to prevent soft spots forming.
  16. HOT long skinny Cayenne peppers — these are still green so they won’t be as hot as later on in the season when they’re red.
  17. Lettuce
  18. Cilantro
  19. Peppermint
  20. Basil  –  best kept on your counter in water like a flower bouquet, or DRY in a bag in the fridge
  21. Chamomile


Sunday’s Project:   BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER
Prune and stake the hoophouse tomatoes, then mulch the peppers (the row on the left) and the tomatoes (on the right).  Success!  (Even though hoop temperatures were over 100 degrees F.)


WHOA! It’s a MEGA box this week!

  1. NEW! Fennel!  Leaves that look like dill, and the crunchy “bulb.”  You will LOVE our Fennel salsa recipe!  Click on “Fennel” in the left column to find it.  Use this “salsa” with chips, on top of a bed of lettuce, on fried fish or chicken, or just on its own as a salad.  SO good!  Also google fennel recipes to see some amazing carmelized onion and fennel recipes.  That’s what I’m making for supper tonight!
  2. Broccoli
  3. Cauliflower
  4. Lettuce
  5. Hakurei Turnips (with tasty leaves!  Try sauteeing these leaves with green onions in butter or bacon fat, and then top with salt or the fennel salsa!)
  6. Green Onions (the thinnings from where our storage onions are too crowded)
  7. Zucchini and Summer Squash
  8. Rainbow Chard
  9. Cilantro — use it for the fennel salsa!
  10. Chamomile   \
  11. Mint                 | —>   all three of these herbs can be hung to dry in a
  12. Rosemary      /                cool dark place.  Once dry crumble the leaves into a jar for storage.
  13. Peppers — mostly sweet, with one kind of skinny yellow one that is mildly hot.
  14. Pea Pods
  15. LAST OF, at least for a while:  Kohlrabi
  16. LAST OF: Garlic Scapes

In your box this week:

  1. NEW! Zucchini and Summer Squash
  2. NEW! Cilantro
  3. NEW! Sweet Peppers
  4. NEW! Cauliflower
  5. NEW! Cauliflower Leaves.  Use these like Collards.  A thicker green, they need a bit more cooking time than Kale.  I did a quick Google search to get some ideas, and found this site  with slow cooking directions like Collards and  this site with a tasty looking recipe with the leaves roasted with the cauliflower and onions. Yum!
  6. NEW! Carrots.  These are just the babies that had to be picked while I was thinning the patch.  Enjoy their cuteness, but rest assured knowing bigger ones are coming soon.
  7. NEW! Basil.  Best kept dry in your fridge or on your counter in a glass of water like a flower bouquet.
  8. Kohlrabi
  9. Hakurei Turnips with Greens — eat the greens like spinach, either raw in your salad mix or lightly cooked.
  10. Lettuce Mix
  11. Spinach
  12. Broccoli
  13. LAST OF: Bok Choy.  At least for a while.  We may plant another crop of it for the early fall.

In your box this week:

  1. Pea Pods
  2. Radishes
  3. Turnips
  4. Broccoli
  5. Garlic Scapes
  6. Kale
  7. Chard
  8. Kohlrabi
  9. Bok Choy
  10. Arugula
  11. Lettuce

Chris is up in the BWCA  this week, so an extra special thanks to Darwin for taking care of the harvest solo!

In your box this week:

  1. NEW! Garlic Scapes.  This is the flower bud and stalk of the garlic plant.  We cut it off so that the plant puts its energy into making bigger bulbs instead of flowers and seeds.  You can use these green stems like garlic!
  2. NEW! Kale and Brussel leaves.  We are thinning the plants.  You have some Red Russian Kale (oak leaf shaped) and young Brussel Sprout plants (rounded leaves).  You can use the Brussel leaves just like you would Kale.  I am told by a friend who was stationed in Germany that it is very common to see Brussel leaves for sale there.
  3. Kohlrabi
  4. Broccoli
  5. Radishes
  6. Hakurei Turnips
  7. Chamomile
  8. Garlic Chives
  9. Lettuce mixed with Spinach and Lamb’s Quarters.

In your box this week:

  1. NEW!  Garlic Chives
  2. Kohlrabi
  3. Broccoli
  4. Hakurei Turnips
  5. Radishes
  6. Spinach
  7. Chamomile
  8. Mint (Peppermint and curly leafed Spearmint)
  9. Baby Bok Choy thinnings — we had to thin the patch and thought you might enjoy the young plants. Use just like you would regular bok choy.
  10. Green Onions

In your box this week!

  1. NEW! Rhubarb!  Lo and behold, we were able to find some relatively undamaged from last week’s hail.
  2. NEW! Chamomile.  Steep the flower buds in boiling water to make a relaxing tea.  Or hang it upside down to let it dry and make chamomile tea next November instead.
  3. NEW! Hakurei Turnips.  A mild and juicy salad turnip for fresh eating.  The leaves are excellent raw mixed into salads or cooked like spinach.
  4. NEW! Spinach.  Enjoy it raw or cooked.
  5. Broccoli.
  6. Kohlrabi.
  7. Radishes.
  8. Lettuce mix.
  9. Bok Choy. This is this week’s and next week’s portion all at once, because we can’t hold back its impulse to make flowers.  The entire plant is edible — stems, leaves, flower buds, and flowers.
  10. Green Onions.

Wow! David and I showed up at the farm to do more planting this weekend, and there was so much ready to harvest that we decided to start the season a week earlier than planned!  We harvested a few things and called it a day, only to have a HUGE hail storm pass through a few hours later.  The next morning we walked the gardens to assess the damage.  We are thankful to report that the plastic hoop house does not have any holes!  Some longer term crops got shredded up a bit, like the broccoli and chard, but they have plenty of time to recover and grow new leaves.  The more immediate impact for CSA members is with the rhubarb.  The stalks were hit with hail and damaged quite severly.  We were planning on harvesting some for you on Memorial Day, but it will now need some time to recover.  It’s possible that we could include some in the CSA box next week, but it will be less than we had hoped for.

In your box this week, the surprise kick off to the 2012 CSA season:

  1. Bok choy
  2. Broccoli
  3. Kohlrabi
  4. Radishes (you can eat radish leaves too, but they are better cooked than raw)
  5. Green Onions
  6. Lettuce Mix (already washed twice and spun, ready for your salad bowl!)

TIP:  If you are not sure how to use something in your box, we have lots of recipes and ideas here on our website.  Try clicking on a veggie in the list in the left hand column for a list of posts that feature that vegetable.

For the bok choy, I especially recommend the Asian Bok Choy salad shared a few years ago from CSA member Amy.  I think it is even better if you add toasted sesame oil and grated ginger into the dressing.

First, HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE ALYSSA!  I was honored that she came to pick up vegetables on her birthday.  We had a picnic and played in the park, and then as they were getting ready to leave, Alyssa was the one who remembered about actually putting the CSA box in the car to bring home!  One time last year she said, “I LOVE veggie pick-up day!”  And when I asked her why, she said, “Well, you always bring me cucumbers!”

Sadly, it is not quite time for cucumbers yet, but we are enjoying an abundance of early June veggies.  In your box this week:

  1. Rhubarb
  2. Green Onions (the perennial kind.  we’ll switch to the smaller annual ones soon)
  3. Bok Choy (maybe for one more week?)
  4. Mint
  5. Garlic Chives
  6. Chamomile
  7. ARUGULA  (like a spicy lettuce.  Eat it raw or cook like spinach.  Loose leaves of various sizes in a bag.)
  8. Red Russian Kale — purplish stem, wrinkly edged leaves, mostly green with some purple.  Rubber-banded together at the stem.
  9. Dill leaves
  10. Radishes.  Little known fact:  you can eat the radish leaves too, but because they are prickly most people would cook them first.  You could saute them or flash steam by dunking in boiling water, or you could chop them up into eggs or hotdish.  (No pressure of course if you don’t want to eat them, most people do just compost them.  But most people also do not know that the leaves are great sources of vitamin C and calcium!)

Welcome to the CSA season!

In your box this week:

  1. Rhubarb
  2. Bok Choy
  3. Green Onions
  4. Garlic Chives
  5. Oregano
  6. Lemon Thyme
  7. Mint

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