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2013 June


It”s been pretty quiet around this website!  We’ve decided that part of the semi-sabbatical this year is a break from weekly farm blogging.  We’ll still post recommended recipes and an occasional update, but no late night uploading of weekly harvest photos.  The season has been terrific so far, with the best looking Bok Choy and Chard we’ve ever had!  The season has turned from the earliest crops to the next chapter of vegetables; we harvested the first beets last week, and the deluge of green beans will be fast upon us.  Here are a few photos of our season thus far:

May & June 2011, planting, mulching, and playing

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The summary:

  • Our box is $500 this year.
  • We are only having on-farm pick-up (in St. Francis, MN).
  • Veggies will be ready for pick-up on Tuesdays, anytime between 4 – 7 pm.
  • Our season runs approximately June 7th to October 4th.

Click on the tabs above for the 2011 details.  “2011 General Info” has an intro to the CSA model and a table of what crops you might see in your box when.  “2011 Registration & Logistics” has the registration form to download and other 2011 specific details.

Happy Spring Equinox!

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Scroll back a few posts to see some GREAT photos from May!

Thanks everybody!

If you are interested in being a member next year (2011) and you want to get an email from us when we open up 2011 registration next winter, let us know at ReimannFarm at yahoo dot com.

Happy Spring!

We feel like proud parents! Chris (in blue), Carol (in white), and Darwin (in maroon) enjoy a sunny spring day with the first round of seedlings. In the top photo you can see the onions with a ladybug friend, in the bottom photo you can see chard, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and onions. We hope to plant these out in the ground right around the beginning of May. Thanks to Dave for the photos.

While we have all enjoyed the sudden return of warm sunny days, the quick thaw means a shorter maple syruping season. Around here we are still hoping for more days with highs of 40 and lows of 20. Top left is Chris, top right is Darwin and Carol.

The vibrant green of young leaves -- delicate yet amazingly resilient! We have enjoyed our first bites of fresh parsley (top right), and are excited to see the perennial bunching onions starting to poke through with new growth (bottom left). Bottom right, Chris walks next to the Big Oak with Luna, our beekeeper's dog. Just a few weeks ago we walked the same area with snow up to our knees!

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