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This has been a year of transitions for us here at Reimann Family Farm! Christine and David got married this past February, and will soon start looking for a house and begin the arduous process of moving. Also, Vangie (aka Gram) took a fall over Thanksgiving weekend (2012) and fractured her spine. She now needs more care than before, and her well-being is our priority.

With these things in mind, we have decided to NOT offer CSA shares this year.  Instead, you can enjoy our vegetables by visiting the Signature Cafe in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis.  Selling to the restaurant will give us a way to continue to share the abundance of our garden with the greater community, but will also give us the needed flexibility to take each week and month as it comes.

Thanks for your understanding and loyalty over the years!

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Check out the new links to “101 Cookbooks,” “Elana’s Pantry,” and “Two Peas and their Pod” in the links column.

I am especially impressed with how you can search for recipes on “101 Cookbooks” – by ingredient, season, or dietary needs.  I found this blog because of a link to her carrot fries recipe, which I thought you all might enjoy.  There is also an amazing Kale/Avocado/Fennel salad, which you should keep in mind when we start harvesting fennel in a couple weeks!

The “Elana’s Pantry” blog has been a favorite site for me as I’ve moved away from eating grains over the past couple years.  It is filled with amazing gluten-free recipes, with baked goods that feature almond flour.  The link I put up is to her vegetable recipe index, but do look around at some of her other recipes, especially if you are looking for a low-carb sweet-tooth fix!  (I was introduced to this blog from a friend who loaned me Elana’s almond-flour cookbook, which I quickly bought a copy for myself.)

For “Two Peas and their Pod” make sure to check out the zucchini fries recipe, especially in a month or so when the zukes start ripening by the bucket full!  A friend shared this blog with me because of the Kale / Sweet Potato Pizza recipe, which she loves.


Hello and welcome to our website! The 2012 registration form and logistical info can be found by clicking on the tabs above this message.  We are once again charging $500 for a full share, and are only doing on-farm pick-up of the boxes on Tuesday evenings.  We are located on the Rum River, in St. Francis, on the northern edge of Anoka County.  If you have any questions please email us at ReimannFarm at yahoo dot com.  Thanks!

The summary:

  • Our box is $500 this year.
  • We are only having on-farm pick-up (in St. Francis, MN).
  • Veggies will be ready for pick-up on Tuesdays, anytime between 4 – 7 pm.
  • Our season runs approximately June 7th to October 4th.

Click on the tabs above for the 2011 details.  “2011 General Info” has an intro to the CSA model and a table of what crops you might see in your box when.  “2011 Registration & Logistics” has the registration form to download and other 2011 specific details.

Happy Spring Equinox!

Hello from Reimann Family Farm!

Winter is the season of making plans, and we have been doing some thinking and talking this winter here at Reimann Family Farm.  With mixed feelings, we have decided to mostly take a sabbatical this year.  We will only be taking-on a handful of CSA members who can pick up their box at the farm in St. Francis.

In lieu of doing the usual bigger CSA this year, we hope to focus on longer-term farm projects like orchard planning and building up even more fertility in our very sandy soil.  We are also looking forward to re-stocking our own pantries and freezers, and to taking more time to enjoy cooking with all these amazing fresh veggies we are growing!

To our Anoka and Minneapolis members, we will miss you and our weekly visits this year!  We sincerely thank you for your past support, especially to those of you who have been with us all five years.

We hope that you will keep us in mind for CSA membership during the summer of 2012 and beyond.

***If you are interested in 2011 on-farm weekly vegetable pick-up, please let us know in a comment on this post.  We will finalize the details of price and pick-up times very soon.***

If you are interested in trying a different CSA for this summer, 2011, the Land Stewardship Project has a very helpful CSA directory and map.  The map is perhaps the most useful part, since you can zoom in to where you live and look for the closest farms and drop-off sites.

The website is:

Also, this link provides some resources to find the farmers’ markets in your area:

Sincerely, and with many thanks for your support and interest in our family farm,
on behalf of everyone at Reimann Family Farm:
Vangie, Darwin, Carol,
and our 11 chickens.

PS: I made the following video last fall while we were putting everything away.  After the season ended we let the chickens loose to scratch around in the garden as they wanted; I was trying to record our rooster who has never quite figured out how to do the whole “cocka-doodle-doooo!”  Instead, he goes, “cocka-doodle-ertch,” and it makes me chuckle every time.  My niece Alyssa makes a poignant cameo at the end.

Our share will be $475 this year, and we will again deliver on Monday evenings.   You can pick up your food at the farm, at the Anoka Lakewinds Co.op, or in Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis.  For more details and how to register, click on the “2010 General Info” and “2010 Registration & Logistics” tabs above.


7-27-09 week 8 002 cropped for cucumbers
We have an abundance of cucumbers!  Anyone (CSA members or not) can purchase extras for $1.00/pound.
We have the seedless slicer Socrates and the regular slicer Genuine, both good for fresh eating, salads, and refrigerator or other cut-up pickles.
If you are interested, email us at ReimannFarm (at) yahoo (dot) com.  (We have to write it out like that to foil the spammers.)

Email ReimannFarm (at) yahoo (dot) com if you want to be contacted about buying “extras” and/or added to our waiting list.


In Your Box This Week:


•1.Tomatoes-Many varieties, 90% heirlooms. We have decided to pick the ones that are not quite ripe on delivery day, thinking that they can ripen on your counter throughout the week instead of getting too ripe for us to deliver to you next week.  Store uncovered on the counter. Like cheese, cut off any bad spots & use the rest.

•2.Rat Tail Radish-now, don’t judge by the name! This is a variety of radish grown for the seed pod, which tastes like radish roots and can be used raw or cooked/sautéed as you would the root.

•3.Green Beans-1.5 pounds this week, but some are big so take a look, taste them, and pick through as you see fit.

•4.Sweet Peppers-yellow, green, and purple. Enjoy these raw or cooked!

•5.Zucchini-Eat them raw, sautéed, baked, fried, etc.

•6.Cucumber-a couple of them may be bitter. Take a test bite and then just peel off the skin if it is bitter, the inner part should be fine.

•7.Onions-the “Red Delicious” variety this week. Best stored in fridge.

•8.Carrots-Try eating the carrot leaves, but the orange roots will store much longer if you cut off the greens first. (Store both in a plastic bag.)

•9.Beets-you can eat the nutritious greens & the root, but like carrots and turnips, the leaves will last longer if you cut them off the root and store in plastic.

•10.Cuke-nuts-they look like mini-watermelons & taste like a cucumber starburst. These are one of our specialties, rarely grown & almost extinct.

•11.Eggplant-the gourmet & rarely bitter Rosa Bianca variety. Not enough for everybody yet, so we will give out what we have and keep track so it stays equal.

•12.Radishes-the last of the radishes. Use the leaves along with the turnip leaves as your greens this week. You’ll probably like radish leaves cooked better.

•13.Hakurei Turnips-the leaves look better than the roots, probably the last harvest of these. The turnip greens are good raw or cooked.


Minneapolis:    Monday night Sept. 1st from 7-8:30pm like usual.
Anoka:             Tuesday Sept 2nd from 11am-6pm at Central TV.

THE WEEK AFTER NEXT we will switch to Saturdays (starting Sept. 6th)
Minneapolis:    from 5-6pm at Chris’ apartment.
Anoka:             you can come to the farm on Saturdays after 4pm or wait until Monday 11am-6pm at Central TV. Please let us know what you plan to do.

Share Your Recipes!

If you would like to share a recipe with our members, write it in a comment and then we will paste it into a post. You can then search for recipes by ingredient, either by using the search box feature or by clicking on the category of your choice.