Another exciting and abundant box this week!

  1. NEW! Garlic.  Just harvested, not cured for storage, this is what is called “green garlic.”  Enjoy it fresh in the next week or two.
  2. NEW! Celery.  This is NOT your California celery — MN Celery is going to be smaller, darker green, with a stronger taste.  This is just the thinnings where there was two plants growing too close together, so this is on the small side even for MN Celery.  One option is to just cut it up and throw it into a bag in the freezer, ready to add to your soups and hotdishes all winter long.
  3. NEW! Cucumbers
  4. Beets (with leaves that you can use like Chard)
  5. Tomatoes:  Leave these at room temperature to preserve their flavor.  HOWEVER, look them over right away and use the ones with cracks and soft spots first.  These are mostly heirloom varieties, valued for their flavor that sadly comes with the trade-off of thin skin that easily splits and bruises.  Treat these gently like newborn babies and they will reward you with the best fresh salsa and BLTs you’ve ever tasted!  Some of the varieties in your box include: Brandywine, Amish Paste, Wisconsin 55, Beefsteak, Nebraska Wedding, Roma Paste, and the golden cherry-sized Sungolds.  Still to come are Defiant and the ping-pong-sized Tommy Toes.
  6. Eggplant
  7. Beans
  8. Broccoli
  9. Hakurei Turnips
  10. Onions — some with green leaves and some big ones too.
  11. Zucchini and Summer Squash
  12. Sweet Peppers
  13. Cabbage
  14. Kale
  15. Chard
  16. Carrot
  17. Cilantro
  18. LAST OF:  FENNEL!  Your bag has some fennel bulbs and a small bunch of the fennel leaves too.