In Your Box This Week!

  1. NEW! Tomatoes
  2. NEW! Eggplant
  3. NEW! Carrots
  4. NEW! Green Beans
  5. NEW! Cabbage – Alcosa savoy variety
  6. NEW! Oregano  –  Fresh oregano is milder than dried.  Drying condenses the flavor.  We recommend that you simply hang this bundle of oregano to dry, and once it is dried put it in a paper bag to crumble off the leaves.  Pour the dried leaves into a jar to use throughout the winter.  Oregano is super high in nutrition and is a critical part of “Italian Seasoning.”  Put it in spaghetti sauce, soup, hotdish, etc.
  7. NEW! Oxalis  –  this looks like clover with little yellow flowers.  Taste it, it creates a lovely flavor explosion in your mouth!  It would be delicious sprinkled into your salad.  It’s a nice treat once in a while, but because of the oxalic acid in it those who are prone to kidney stones should probably just avoid it.
  8. Hakurei Turnips
  9. Broccoli
  10. Fennel Bulbs  –   We know there has been a lot of fennel last week and this week.  The whole patch has started to bolt (send up its flower stalk) because of the extremely hot weather.  So enjoy it while it’s here, there will probably be only one more week of it left.
  11. Rainbow Chard
  12. Kale — Dino, Red Russian, and/or Curly varieties
  13. Onions
  14. Zucchini and Summer Squash
  15. Sweet Peppers  –  some of the green peppers are just starting to turn red, but we had to pick them before they fully turned red to prevent soft spots forming.
  16. HOT long skinny Cayenne peppers — these are still green so they won’t be as hot as later on in the season when they’re red.
  17. Lettuce
  18. Cilantro
  19. Peppermint
  20. Basil  –  best kept on your counter in water like a flower bouquet, or DRY in a bag in the fridge
  21. Chamomile


Sunday’s Project:   BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER
Prune and stake the hoophouse tomatoes, then mulch the peppers (the row on the left) and the tomatoes (on the right).  Success!  (Even though hoop temperatures were over 100 degrees F.)