Wow! David and I showed up at the farm to do more planting this weekend, and there was so much ready to harvest that we decided to start the season a week earlier than planned!  We harvested a few things and called it a day, only to have a HUGE hail storm pass through a few hours later.  The next morning we walked the gardens to assess the damage.  We are thankful to report that the plastic hoop house does not have any holes!  Some longer term crops got shredded up a bit, like the broccoli and chard, but they have plenty of time to recover and grow new leaves.  The more immediate impact for CSA members is with the rhubarb.  The stalks were hit with hail and damaged quite severly.  We were planning on harvesting some for you on Memorial Day, but it will now need some time to recover.  It’s possible that we could include some in the CSA box next week, but it will be less than we had hoped for.

In your box this week, the surprise kick off to the 2012 CSA season:

  1. Bok choy
  2. Broccoli
  3. Kohlrabi
  4. Radishes (you can eat radish leaves too, but they are better cooked than raw)
  5. Green Onions
  6. Lettuce Mix (already washed twice and spun, ready for your salad bowl!)

TIP:  If you are not sure how to use something in your box, we have lots of recipes and ideas here on our website.  Try clicking on a veggie in the list in the left hand column for a list of posts that feature that vegetable.

For the bok choy, I especially recommend the Asian Bok Choy salad shared a few years ago from CSA member Amy.  I think it is even better if you add toasted sesame oil and grated ginger into the dressing.