In your box this week:

  1. NEW!  Sweet Corn! Happy Summer!
  2. NEW!  Potatoes! Reds and Yukon Golds.
  3. NEW!  Tomatoes! These are heirloom varieties, and have tender skin.  Be careful with them.  It’s best to store them at room temperature.  Some of them are going to be ready to eat today or tomorrow, and some of them may need a couple more days before they are at their full ripeness.   We pick them this way on purpose, otherwise they are likely to go bad on us throughout the week, or you would need to eat them all immediately upon getting your box home.  It is advisable to just take a couple minutes right when you get home and divide them up into piles– “to use now” and “able to wait.”
  4. Cabbage -OR- Kohlrabi
  5. Broccoli
  6. Zucchini / Summer Squash
  7. Cucumbers
  8. Onions
  9. Beans

It’s a FULL 3/4 bushel box this week, the first of the season.  A classic Minnesota box too, one full of crops you probably grew up eating.  All you need are some brats and you have a perfect backyard party!  It’s been a hot couple of days, but lovely too.  Working member Maggie and I stuck it out throughout the heat of the day yesterday, weeding, harvesting, mowing and sweating.  (We  didn’t sing any rounds together like we have on other days, it was just too hot.)  This morning we had less than half of the crops left to harvest, and we started early to avoid the heat.  It was lovely to dig potatoes and watch the fog burn off the pond while the sun rose higher.  We had a couple of Sand Hill Cranes fly low over our heads, and a little later a Bald Eagle was circling nearby too.  We actually finished with the harvesting by 9:30am!  Definitely a new record!  We spent the rest of the morning packing the boxes, and then hosted some special guests for lunch.  I arrived in Minneapolis a little earlier than usual, so went down to the kiddie pool in Powderhorn Park and sat in the shade with my feet in the water.  In the end, it was a really nice few days!  As usual, it is an honor to grow your food, and we hope you enjoy it.