In your box this week:

  1. NEW!  Tomatoes: two little balls of sunshine — it’s the start of tomato season!
  2. NEW!  Carrots: Try eating the greens too!  (cooked)
  3. NEW!  Beets:  With these too, you can eat both root and (cooked) leaves.
  4. NEW!  Rat-tail Radish:  The seed pods of the radish.  Eat them raw.
  5. NEW!  Basil:  Best stored room temperature in a vase.  (Wet leaves turn black in the fridge.)
  6. Beans
  7. Broccoli
  8. Cucumbers
  9. Zuchinni / Summer Squash
  10. Arugula & Mizuna greens
  11. Hakurei Turnips: LAST of the year!
  12. Mint:  It’s too hot to boil water for tea.  Just stick a few sprigs in your water bottle and you’re good to go.
  13. Thyme
  14. Coriander: The fresh green seed balls of cilantro.  Keep them in your fridge, since they aren’t ripe enough to dry for winter storage.

These are the Rat-Tail Radishes. They are a variety of radish from India, bred for the crunchy edible seed pod instead of for the root like other radishes. The seed pods are best when eaten raw, but before they get fat and bumpy they can be cooked too. You can eat the flowers as well (they were part of your edible flower mix last week.)

Three beautiful varieties of Beets!

Welcome to August!