It has been really nice to get some feedback in the last couple weeks.  Here are a few quotes:

From Reid:  “[Sept. 7th’s] haul changed my opinion about green bell peppers. Up to now, green bell peppers were to me that vegetable that was used as filler (which I would eat around) in Buddha’s Delight at the local chow mien place, or the item on the typical party veggie tray that was really only palatable with the ranch dressing – kind of sharp and watery. The other morning my wife asked for bell peppers, which we’d just received from the Reimann Family Farm, in the scrambled eggs; I obliged. I ate all of my peppers (not around them!) and felt really satisfied. I suppose this is how bell peppers are supposed to taste like, full of flavor, slightly sweet, bold, refreshing. I really had no idea. Thanks for doing the bell pepper justice!”

Vanessa on tomatoes:  “This tastes like GOODNESS!”

Molly:  “Many, many thanks for your ease-filled, generous, affordable, incredible, tasty fruits of the earth.  I hope to eat your food for many years to come!”

If you have any feedback on how the season is going, we’d love to hear it!  You could just leave a comment on this post, or email us.

See you on Monday with the next box of sunshine!