9-7-09 week 14 011
[It’s getting dark noticeably earlier.  This week I had to flash photo in the dark.]

In your box this week:

  1. Broccoli
  2. Kale — Dinosaur or Lacinato variety.  Save some of your bacon from your BLTs this week, chop it up and fry it, then add in Kale and saute in the bacon grease for a classic side dish.
  3. Cabbage — either purple, green, or the wrinkly Alcosa varieties.  Mostly cute little mini-heads of secondary growth from the plants.
  4. Parsley — Chop it up and add it to your lettuce mix.  Add it to soup at the last minute.  Add it to your pasta sauce.  How about parsley pesto?
  5. Lemon Thyme
  6. Coriander — the seeds of the cilantro plant.  Some are green, some are already dried.  If you aren’t going to use them right away, let the green ones dry before you seal them up in a jar.
  7. Rosemary — use it fresh, put the whole sprig in a bag in the freezer for later, or hang it (out of direct sun) to dry.
  8. Dill leaf and/or Dill flower
  9. Tomatoes
  10. Sweet Corn — 18 ears per share
  11. Beans
  12. Lettuce/Arugula/Mizuna Mix
  13. Oxalis — aka Wood Sorrell.  One of our CSA members says she remembers picking and eating this as a kid, and always called it Sweet Tart candy.  Eat it raw to enjoy the tangy flavor.
  14. Flowers — some of them are edible:  the white garlic chive flowers, the little purple oregano flowers, and the petals of the yellow or orange smooth petaled calendula flower.
  15. Cuke-nuts — look like mini-watermelons, pop them whole or sliced into your mouth for a crunchy cucumber zing.
  16. Sweet Peppers — mostly green or purple bell peppers, a few yellow banana peppers.
  17. Hot Cayenne Peppers — these ones are long, skinny, and green.

Pictures coming soon!  And a special thanks to all of our harvesting help today!  Sue, Dave, Mark, Carrie, Alyssa, and Carol joined Darwin, Vangie and me to get everything picked, washed, and packed-up in time for the delivery to your dinner table.  Many hands certainly make the work lighter.  Happy eating this week!