The garden is abundant!  The tomatoes are heavy on the vine and will be ripening soon.  The eggplant have some blossoms, and the peppers should be ready to harvest soon.  In your box on this beautiful summer day:

8-3-09 week 9 003

[Special thanks to CSA members Ali and Mike for arranging the veggies for the photo this week!]

2. Broccoli & Violet Queen Broccoli/Cauliflower
3. Lettuce Mix
4. Arugula & Mizuna (Mizuna is in the mustard family, it has jagged edge leaves)
5. Hakurei Turnips — the last of this planting, probably the last of the season
6. Rainbow Chard — there are a few holes in these, because there is some insect that thinks these are very tasty!  As Greg Reynolds at Riverbend Farm taught me:  thankfully holes don’t taste like anything and the plant responds to being chewed on by making more anti-oxidants, so it is actually healthier!
7. Carrots — mostly Sugarsnax variety but also some from the multi-color mix
8. Basil — store it in a vase of water at room temperature.  Snip off the bottoms of the stems every few days so they can drink in the water.  (Wet basil leaves in the fridge turn black.)
9. Dill
10. Parsley
11. Cucumbers
12. Zucchini and summer squash
13. Green and Yellow Beans
14. Onions — use the bulb and the green leaves.  I would guess these are best stored in your fridge because we haven’t cured them in the sun for long term storage.

8-3-09 week 9 001

A special thanks to Nick and Kate for joining us in the garden on Sunday.  Nick found an extra long carrot to snack on after helping pick squash bugs and their eggs off the zucchini plants.  Kate is a grant writer for a local non-profit, and was gracious enough to come up and talk with our neighbors at Roselawn Stables about options to fund the under-priveleged kids they are already serving (and hope to continue serving).  If you are looking for a horse riding day camp, perhaps you want to consider our neighbors Pete and Jane at Roselawn.