7-27-09 week 8 003

It’s been a classic day of Minnesota weather as we harvest today.  Thunder and rain one minute, bright sunshine the next.  It’s a beautiful and colorful box this week!

1.  Broccoli
2.  Cucumbers — seedless Socrates, regular slicing cukes called Genuine, and a few pickler type (still good for snacking).
3.  Zucchini/Summer Squash — the classic dark green Black Beauty, the mottled green Costata Romenesco, Golden yellow, and the half green/half yellow (I’ll have to look up the variety name of that one).
4.  Hakurei Turnips — eat the white roots, eat the greens, enjoy them now because there is probably only one more week of them.
5.  Green Beans
6.  Kohlrabi — a spaceship the size of an apple, more vitamin C than an orange, tasty raw or cooked.
7.  Lettuce Mix
8.  Arugula — eat the leaves, the flowers, but you’ll probably enjoy them more if you pick them off the thicker stems.
9.  Basil
10. Dill
11. Mint
12. Carrots!  Sugarsnax variety, excellent raw or cooked.  You can even eat the green leaves!
13. Onions — one purple, one white.  Eat the bulb and the green