7-10-09 Week 6 017

In your box this week:

1. Broccoli
2. Violet Queen “Cauliflower” (seems like Broccoli to us!)
3. Pea Pods!
4. Hakurei Turnips
5. Radishes (the last for a while)
6. Kale
7. Rainbow Chard
8. Kohlrabi
9. Garlic Scapes (the flower bud of the garlic plant, Use like green onions, with garlic flavor)
10. Lettuce/Arugula Mix
11. Oxalis AKA Wood Sorrel — mix this in with your lettuce mix.  Oxalic acid gives these clover-like leaves an amazing fill-your-mouth flavor.|
12. Zucchini
13. Flower Bouquet
14. FOR ANOKA ONLY: Alcosa savoy cabbage (we’ll try to even it out as more are ready for harvest)