The week has flown by!  The veggies are happily growing day by day.  The peas are covered in flowers, so pea pods will be ready soon — hooray! 

 Here are some photos from last weekend, June 27, 28, and 29.  It was a really lovely weekend and Monday harvest.  We are very thankful for the inch of rain last Saturday, and it was a nice change to need long sleeves to keep warm while harvesting on Monday.  Our beekeeper Thea stopped by and because the hives are doing so well she added another super (box) on each hive so they will have plenty of room to expand while Thea, Jim, and Thea’s son Tristan tour Latvia and France with their clogging group, “The Wild Goose Chase Cloggers.”  We wish them safe journeys and that they meet many new friends along the way!