[ picture needed.  please email a photo of your box this week, or of a dish you made with your box this week.  Thanks! ]


In your box this week:

1. BROCCOLI!  Beautiful, tasty, and lots of it!  Working member Natalie and I (Chris) LOVE broccoli leaves.  We usually pick most of the leaves off of your broccoli and then eat them for lunch on harvest day.  Today, we decided to spread the love.  I’ve heard the broccoli stalk and leaves are more nutritious than the flower buds, so try using up all the broccoli parts we put in your bag!
2. Arugula:  this spicy green is good raw or cooked.
3. Kale:  Red Russian and Dinosaur/Lacinato varieties.  It might be a good week to make Kale Chips!  Lightly coat kale pieces with olive oil, sprinkle on a little salt, and bake until crispy.  [You could do this with the broccoli leaves too.]
4. Hakurei Turnips:  These small white salad turnips are sweet and tasty raw or sauteed.  The leaves are also very tasty, good raw or cooked.
5. Radishes:  While you definitely CAN eat the leaves raw, due to the texture most people like to cook them first.  And of course, eat the red roots!
6. Rat Tail Radishes:  These are the seed pods of a certain variety of radish.  The thin ones are good raw or cooked, and add a nice spicy radish flavor to stir-fry, eggs, sautes, etc.  The fatter pods are more fiborous, and are better raw chopped into salad or sprinkled on the top of a cooked dish.
7. Dill:
8. Chamomile:

9. Parsley: these leaves add a lovely fresh taste and smell to anything, really.  Try sprinkling them raw into your salad or on top of a cooked dish.  When cooking with them, they will retain more flavor if added at the end.