In Your Box This Week:
1.    Tomatoes-Mostly heirlooms. Check your buckets the 1st day, & then like cheese, cut off any bad spots & use the rest.
2.    Sweet Peppers-yellow, orange, green, and purple.
3.    Hot Pepper
4.    Zucchini-Eat them raw, sautéed, baked, fried, etc.
5.    Cucumbers-Take a test bite & peel off the skin if it is bitter.
6.    Onions-a mix of 3 varieties: “Red Delicious,” the white “Super Star,” & the round gold “Frontier.” Best stored in fridge.
7.    Carrots-Most of you will receive the “St. Valery’s” storage variety.
8.    Cuke-nuts-try putting them in a jar of vinegar in the fridge for easy pickles. Some people who don’t like them raw enjoy them this way.
9.    Beans-2.5 pounds this week.
10.        Broccoli-about a pound of “Nutri-bud,” “Gypsy,” & “Calabrese.”
11.        Beets-check the website soon for a recipe using the root, the greens, & mint.
12.        Eggplant-the gourmet & rarely bitter Rosa Bianca variety.
13.        Lettuce Mix-as the weather cools back down the lettuce returns!
14.        Kale-a mix of “Red Russian” and “Lacinato/Dinosaur”
15.        Basil-you are going to have to pick through the basil yourself. You can eat the leaves, smallest stems, and the flower buds.
16.        Rutabaga-Try these sliced raw for snacking, or boiled, steamed, baked, mashed, and in stews.
17.        Mint-Use it fresh or hang it upside down to dry for the winter.
18.        Parsley-If nothing else, add it to your lettuce mix!

Saturday deliveries for the rest of the season:
Minneapolis:  from 5-6pm at Chris’ apartment.
Anoka:         come to the farm on Saturdays after 4pm or wait until Monday 11am-6pm at Central TV.