Wow. Time got away from me last week. This photo does NOT contain everything in the box, but what was left of my own share a day after delivery last week. On the day of delivery I said it was the best box our CSA has ever delivered. But that honor was then transferred to the week #10 box this week.


In Your Box This Week:
1. Tomatoes-small orange Sungold, small red Cherry Roma, medium red Trophy, big German Pink, big Brandywine, medium John Baer. All of our tomatoes are heirlooms except Sungold.
2. Rat Tail Radish-now, don’t judge by the name! This is a variety of radish grown for the seed pod, which tastes like radish roots and can be used raw or cooked/sautéed as you would the root.
3. Green & Yellow Beans-2 pounds this week. If you want more for freezing or canning, you can come up and pick however much you want for free. If we pick extra for you, it’s $2/pound.
4. Basil-All day Sunday it looked like rain, and so I mulched next to the basil with coffee bean chaff (from Peace Coffee in Mpls.) thinking that the rain would wash the leaves clean. Well, it never actually rained, so your basil has coffee bean chaff dust on it. It was picked dry to help it store longer in the fridge, so be sure to wash it before use.
5. Kohlrabi-Eat the leaves like kale, eat the ball raw or cooked.
6. Hot Pepper-the plants are heavy with peppers, so we are picking some green (milder) and leaving some to get red (hotter).
7. Sweet Peppers-yellow, green, and purple. We only grow one kind of hot pepper with a distinctive long skinny shape, so you can always easily tell the sweets from the hots. Enjoy these raw or cooked!
8. Zucchini-Eat them raw, sautéed, baked, fried, etc.
9. Cucumber-a couple of them may be bitter. Take a test bite and then just peel off the skin if it is bitter.
10. Hakurei Turnips-this will be the last of these for a couple weeks. There is one more planting but they are still small. You may notice some brown marks-they are only skin deep and easy to cut off.
11. Green Onions-the continued thinnings of our regular big onions. We will continue to do this for at least 3 more weeks.
12. Lettuce Mix-washed twice, ready for your bowl.
13. Arugula-a spicier green. Also washed twice & ready to eat.
14. Broccoli-probably best cooked right now. Try the leaves too!
15. Beets-the first of the year. Eat the root and leaves, raw or cooked.
16. Cilantro-with the hot weather it is starting to flower and so will taste a bit different than the first harvest of only leaves. The leaves, stems, and flowers are all edible.
17. Carrots-also the first of the year. Try eating the carrot leaves, but the orange roots will store much longer if you cut off the greens first.
18. Cabbage-maybe your only head of the year?? Eat raw or cooked.

Announcements! Mark your calendars & check back later on the website for more information:
+ We will deliver on Labor Day, Sept. 1st like usual in Minneapolis (7-8:30pm). Anoka members can pick up their shares at Central TV on Tuesday Sept 2nd 11am-6pm. The following week we will switch to Saturday deliveries for the rest of the season.
+ The annual farm harvest celebration is set for Sunday, September 14th at 5:30pm.