1. Tomatoes!-Just a taste this week, but it’s a start!
2. Rat Tail Radish-now, don’t judge by the name! This is a variety of radish grown for the seed pod, which tastes like radish roots and can be used raw or cooked/sautéed as you would the root. There are a few more radish roots to be harvested in ~3 weeks, but for the most part these seed pods will take over the genre.
3. Green & Yellow Beans-2.5 pounds this week. This will probably be the largest quantity you would receive at one time. If you want more, for freezing or canning, etc., please talk to us.
4. Basil-It was picked dry to help it store longer in the fridge, so be sure to wash it before use.
5. Kohlrabi-this space ship with leaves is the stem of the plant. It has more vitamin C than an orange! You can eat the leaves too, treat them like kale. Eat the round part raw or cooked.
6. Hot Pepper-the plants are heavy with peppers, so we are picking some green (milder) and leaving some to get red (hotter). The variety is the heirloom “Espanola Improved” and is especially good for drying into ristras or flakes.
7. Zucchini-Eat them raw, sautéed, baked, fried, etc.
8. Hakurei Turnips-eat the sweet mild roots & the greens raw or cooked. The leaves will store longer if you cut them off the roots.
9. Radishes-treat them like the turnips, just spicier.
10. Green Onions-the continued thinnings of our regular big onions. We will continue to do this for at least 1 more week.
11. Lettuce Mix-washed twice, ready for your bowl.
12. Broccoli-you can eat the leaves too, steamed they are mild and semi-sweet.
13. Cauliflower-don’t worry, the purple is normal for this variety!