Dear CSA members,

You are cordially invited to join us in making Dilly Beans!  Dilly Beans are pickled green beans, most often with dill, garlic, and cayenne pepper.  They are ready to eat about 6 weeks after canning, and they will store unopened on your shelf for a long time (at least a year).

6:30 pm, at the farm. 
[Leave Minneapolis by 5pm at the latest, because of rush hour.]
-We will gather all necessary ingredients and equipment, you chip in to help cover the costs of the jars, vinegar, etc.
-Eat supper beforehand, or feel free to skip rush hour, arrive a bit earlier, and bring yourself a picnic to eat at the farm.
-We will all work together to can the beans, and then we will divide up what we have and send them home with you!  (Depending on how many people show up, the process will probably take a couple hours.)

RSVP:  REPLY IN A COMMENT, TELL US AT MONDAY’S DELIVERY, or CALL CHRIS IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON JOINING US.  (Depending upon response, carpooling may be an option.)