Bok Choy (aka Pac Choi) is a lovely asian green that has a crisp stem and a mild leaf.  CSA member Pete likes to snack on it raw and also raves about a Bok Choy soup his mom used to make growing up in Moorehead.

For today, however, I will share the way I was taught to cook Bok Choy while I was working at my first CSA in college.  My coworker Amy had just returned from studying abroad in China, and she made this for me on a hot plate on the floor of a dorm room at St. John’s (where we lived for the summer).

–Break off the stems from the center and wash, paying special attention to getting off the grit from the bottom of the stem.
–Leave the stem and leaf whole or cut into bite size pieces, keeping the leaves and stems separate (the leaves into 2-4 pieces, the stem into 1-2 pieces).
–Saute garlic and grated fresh ginger in olive oil (the amount is up to you. This past weekend I used ~2 inches of fresh ginger and 4-5 garlic scapes).
–Throw in the stems and saute for a few minutes (how long depends on how crisp or soft you want them)
–Throw in the leaves, stir, cover with a lid to let it steam for a minute.

Serve with rice, and tamari/soy sauce.