From CSA member Adina:

Don’t know what to do with too many lamb’s quarters? Quiche! Adina quiche (because I used no recipe really). Sorry all my recipes are sort of loose improv, but this is how I cook, by using instinct, rather than measuring tools.

Saute (add in this order) onion, red pepper, lamb’s quarters, kale, artichoke hearts (I used canned), black olives.
Add pepper, and herbs – I used Italian herbs and fresh oregano (from Chris :))
I added no salt because the feta I used (below) was plenty salty.
Blend about 1/3 pound feta (or more, use your taste buds) and 4 eggs.
Pour over mixture of veggies.
I baked at 375 until done – meaning, about 20 minutes, till no more loosy-goosy egg.
I used no crust, and we were quite happy with it. But you can use a crust if you feel like it.
Enjoy. And feel free to play around with the veggies. We LOVED it!