Cook pasta, drain, then run the colander under cold water.  (I used the veggie orzo pasta and LOVED it.)

Put it in a bowl and add:
–chopped green onions
–garlic (or garlic chives, coming soon in your box)
–frozen peas
–radishes, chopped or sliced
–hakurei turnip roots, chopped or sliced
–raw hakurei turnip greens, finely chopped
–raw lamb’s quarters, finely chopped
–some sort of protein, maybe a can of tuna or garbanzo beans
–cheese, I used shredded parmesan and some leftover chevre
–dressing, I used olive oil, balsamic, and apple cider vinegar, but you could go the mayonnaise and/or mustard route too.

Stir it all up and enjoy!
(I didn’t put quantities on things because you should add more or less according to your own taste and how much you are trying to use up.  This recipe is a great way to use up a lot of greens without really noticing them while you eat them.  So if you are new to greens just chop them up fine and mix a whole bunch in with the pasta!)