This week’s box contained:
1. Rhubarb – I couldn’t find my camera until after the rhubarb was already made into rhubarb sauce, hence the jar in the photo instead of the rhubarb stalks.
2. Green Onions – this was probably the last harvest of the tall perennial green onions.  In future weeks you can look forward to the thinnings of our storage onions, which will look more like the green onions you would find in the grocery store.  We will also harvest from our garlic chives and onion chives in future weeks.
3. Lamb’s Quarters – Actually a weed, but high in iron and a great spring treat. In a couple weeks the leaves and stems will get tougher and we will just pull them as weeds-but right now they are perfect raw, steamed, or mixed into dishes the same way you would with spinach. They naturally have a white or pink powder on the center leaves-no need to wash it off. I eat the tender skinny stems but I pick the leaves off of the thicker stems.
4. Kale – either Red Russian or Lacinato/Dino varieties.  The nutrient powerhouse of all vegetables.
5. Radishes – Red and white varieties, you can eat both the spicy root and the mild leaves.  The leaves can be eaten raw, but because of the texture I personally prefer them cooked.