A meager beginning-- rhubarb, lemon thyme, oregano, syrup, onions.

Our first delivery of 2008!  A delivery of all perennials, since the annuals are still getting established.  We made the syrup in March and April, from the sap of the silver maples down by the river.  The onions are perennial hardy bunching onions.  The rhubarb is either the regular or the redder sweeter “strawberry” rhubarb.  The Oregano is the taller of the two herbs, and the Lemon Thyme is the more petite.

This week also marked our first insect invasion– red and black turnip beetles that especially loved the spicy greens of the Arugula, Turnips, and Radishes.  I spent Sunday picking them off and then covering what I could with row cover cloth to keep them out.  Luckily, they also like a certain weed, so I am trying to entice them to leave the garden and stay over in that weed patch.  As of Monday they had NOT re-invaded the greens, so here’s hoping it stays that way!