Volunteers Nick and MonicaAlyssa takes a turn with the hoeMy brother Mark joined us for the afternoonVolunteers Monica and Nick plant tomatoesCarol with granddaughter Alyssa planting beetsDarwin and Vangie weeding the onions

Many thanks to everyone who helped out this weekend!  Emily was a pleasure to work with on Saturday as we set up the rest of the drip-irrigation and planted a few seeds.  We packed everything up just as the thunderstorm started, and thankfully the hale missed us for the second weekend in a row.  On Sunday Monica and Nick stopped by for a couple hours and planted 120 out of our 150 tomato plants!  Then Mark brought 3-year-old Alyssa up to help finish the planting.  Grandma Carol and Alyssa planted beets while the rest of the family weeded.  Kevin joined us in the evening too.  Monday was Chris’ birthday, and so Sunday turned out to be a great family gardening day topped off by a delicious dinner and homemade ice cream cake.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the weekend a success!